mercredi 21 mars 2012

Podcast #83 Extorsion ( Hardcore Spain)

Angerfist & Dyprax - The Before
Art of Fighters - Nirvana of Noise (Official Dominator 2011 anthem)
Angerfist - Fucking with yo head (ft.the Junction)
Art of Fighters - Toxic Hotel (Meccano twins remix)
Critical mass - burning love (The viper remix)
Dyprax ft. Mc Tha Watcher - Statement of Disorder (Unexist remix)
Angeldust - Sky High
Dj D - Over again
Bomfunk´s Mc´s - (Hellsystem remix)
Hellsystem- Gladiators
The supreme team - The ugly side of life
Mad dog - Bob
Weapon X - Coke sniffer (Synapse remix)
Masters of Ceremony - Hardcore to tha Bone 2012 Edit
UVC death is...(Tieum rmx)
Triax - One time
Proto x - Another loser
Dione - Silence is loud (SRB rmx)

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