mardi 6 avril 2010

Podcast #25 Dj Aton-X ( Winner Contest)

1_ shadowlands Terroristes__the first party kick
2_club x (remix)
3_dj Outblast__pride a pain
4_tha playah__walking the line
5_masters of ceremony__a way to rfx
6_scott brown - old to the new
7_dj paul elstak__angel deserve to die
8_rudeboy and tomcat__organized confusion
10_gigi and fallout__block_on_fire
11_(neural dammage remix)__french hardcore century
12_ruffneck and nosferatu__soul shock
13_korsakoff__surround me
14_nosferatu and dj mad dog__lack of existence
15_na-goyah vs dj kristof__vendetta (the anthem 2010)

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