lundi 8 mars 2010

Podcast #21 by Stressstylerz ( PSKT)

-Neophyte records 36 "Nobody said it was easy"
-Traxtorm 74 "hymn amnesys"
-Neophyte records 36 "raw to the floor"
-Traxtorm 74 "hymn neophyte"
-Aeon 24 "the final sunset"
-Traxtorm 76 "let's get it on
-Enzyme EXV2 'butterfly vip"
-Traxtorm 76 "party starter"
-Raw Fuel 01 "The Choise Is Yours"
-Hardcore Blasters 66 "Dark Night"
-Traxxtorm 78 "Gangsta Gangsta"
-Raw Fuel 01 "Get This Bitch Eartquaking"
-Raw Fuel 02 "Shock From The Pain"
-Raw Fuel 03 "Call It Music"
-Enzyme 27 "So Many Sacrifices"
-Traxxtorm 78 "Inoxication"
-Neophyte 34 "Bodylotion"

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