mercredi 17 février 2010

Podcast #18 by Dj Kenny ( Hardcore France)

Partyraiser - Serial Killah
Noize suppressor - Bonecrusher (angerfist rmx)
Waldhaus - a journey through time
Angerfist - riostarter
Noize suppressor - take control
Shadowlands terrorists - shadowland anthem
Noize suppressor - Nobody likes
Kenny - Minimix (HC Vibes vs Bring that shit back)
RTC - I get Stronger
Neophyte - Exlaxll
Isaax - Bad dreams
Paul estalk - you gonna rock this place (dione rmx)
Section Grabuge - Policia (The punisher Rmx)
Scan x - you have the right
Tiem vs Tommyknocker - ruff beats makes me sick
Neophyte - alles naar de Klote
Tieum vs Partyraiser - BITCH
Unexist - Attack (original)
Angerfist - Dance with the wolves
Day Mar - motherfuckin slit
Unexist vs Tommyknocker - Step into the world
Bass D & King Mattew - Raveworld

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